Thursday, January 31, 2008

steaks, baby!

Last evening, on my way home, I got on the bus at the stop right outside the Safeway on Broadway. This guy in a wheelchair got on in front of me - he looked like he might be homeless, definitely down on his luck. After he got settled and the bus started moving, he reached under the blanket on his lap and pulled out a pack of steaks. Weird, right? I figured, hey, maybe he didn't want to carry a bag, it might be awkward since he has to wheel the chair and all. But then he pulls out another pack of meat. Chicken thighs, I think. Then another. And these are no small packs of meat. These are family-sized value-packs, maybe a foot-and-a-half wide by a foot long pieces of styrofoam with plastic wrap holding the meat in.

Then, with the three family packs of meat now on his lap, he reaches into his hoodie. And pulls out a pack of ground beef. Regular size.

Three packs of beef later, he's sitting there with a total of six packs of meat, three of which are huge, I'm pretty sure none of which he's paid for, and all of which have been hidden inside his blankets or clothing.

Meanwhile, I am trying to pretend to look out the window without smiling. Cause then he's cocked his head to one side and is winking, while giving the pointing finger-gun to this girl who's sitting facing him, and he goes "Heeey!" No response. "What, it's gross?... Steaks, baby!!!"

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Lindsay said...

Nothing like "the gun" with a wink followed by STEAKS, BABY!