Monday, August 11, 2008

search for zen

Search stats are so interesting. Really. I like discovering what people are looking for - and what led them to me.

The stats feature on flickr is particularly fun (be sure to turn it on if you have a Pro account); they're like little stories about people out in weblandia.

Today I thought the referral search terms were being particularly poetic. It's almost a little haiku, minus all that 5/7/5 hoopla.

little gymnast
giant fan
foot tattoo

1 comment:

this chicken said...

Hello! I discovered your blog for the first time today! I thought that this post was really quite fitting for my visit too! Out of interest, I found you via the Travelling Moleskine blog.

I love following these type of links as they more often than not land you at the blogs of people who share your interests :)

Sorry I didn't do a search to find you, but had a search term referred me to you it would have been 'smiley fruit creativity' :)