Monday, September 1, 2008

bats, birds and fur

Some days need theme songs; this is especially true of Saturdays. Recently, my weekend theme songs have featured bats, birds and fur.

The Saturday before last: "Fangs on Bats" by Tullycraft
Fangs on bats. Heavy metal heartbreak. Taking over the world.

Last Saturday: "I Saw the Light" by State Bird
I saw the light, yeah, it shined in my eyes, now I cannot look away. Clouds opened up and the sun came through, it was a glorious day.

This Saturday: "Furr" by Blizten Trapper
So I drove into the woods and wandering aimlessly about, till I heard my mother shouting through the fog. It turned out to be the howling of a dog. Or a wolf to be exact.

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