Sunday, October 7, 2007

beware, beaders, beware

Common Dangers Faced by the Bead Loomer Today

1. Temporal Shifts
Usually preceeded by the Beader muttering, "Just one more line... Ok, I'm coming, I'll just bead more line." The next thing you know, several hours have passed.

2. Tidal Shifts
Usually preceeded by an 'urgent' event, such as a ringing phone, for which the Beader must abandon beading and race to address the situation. This will typically result in a stray limb catching the bowl of beads... .. . ... . . . ... . . .

Boy, that was fun to clean up.


Nep said...

I saw this picture and my heart went out to you. Also, I was glad you don't have a pet. ;)

Lindsay said...

That's pretty much what my brain said.