Friday, November 16, 2007

cubicle craft fair

I know, I know. I am not blogging anywhere near regularly. It's been over a month since I last wrote... Yeesh. Life has been busy with trips (Toronto and Boston) and visits (my brother and sister-in-law), courses (2 more courses for my 2D Design certificate down!), plus work and the usual (and unusual) things that life throws at you.

My beaded bracelets that I wrote about are still sadly unfinished as I have avoided the boring part: tieing in all the strings.

Yesterday was a crafty day though, as my workplace was holding it's second annual holiday craft fair and bake sale. Basically, some of my co-workers bring in things they've made and we set up in a group of empty cubicles for an afternoon. Cubicle craft fair... I wonder if any other offices hold these? It sounds like it could easily be turned into a particularly painful episode of The Office, but it really was fun.

The only thing I had time to make this year was 1" buttons.

Plus, I had these button sets left over from last year: I made them from those awesome little paint colour swatches. I am addicted to those things (even though I have never even painted a room).

I love my button machine. Here's the scene post-buttoning...


Lindsay said...

How'd they sell? What else was available in the Cubicle Craft Show?

lions tigers pears said...

The individual buttons sold fewer than I thought, but the paint swatch sets sold better than I expected... so all in all, pretty good!

Other stuff at the fair: quilts and quilted art pieces, origami, sci-fi/fantasy artwork, knitted goods (barbie sweaters, booties, dishcloths), tote bags, and a ton of super sugary baked goods.